saCASH is a web-based financial package, inspired by Quicken(tm).
I had started this in 1999, when Quicken 2.0 had Y2K problems for me. I tried a few other programs, but they had their own issues for me.
Since I am a programmer, I thought heck, why not just re-invent the wheel.
The first version was written in PHP. I was never really happy with it, even though it worked. It's now officially in the public domain. Click here for that page.

What It Is

This is Struts based Java webapp. It was also meant to help me learn as much as I can about Struts, possibly even becoming a best of breed type program. We'll see...
It is also licensed using an Apache license. (with my name substituted, of course). So it's easy to leverage.

What It Can Do

What I'm Working On


Where To Download

Everything is available from the SourceForge Project site

How To Install

Please let me know if you like it, so I can tell you when I fix bugs. Or hate it, so I can fix the problems.
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Thanks a lot
Scott Carlson